A Classic vineyard wedding at summerhill pyramid winery in kelowna

Cody & Steph's wedding at Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna was absolutely classic. If you've never been to Summerhill Pyramid for a wedding ceremony or wedding reception before, you're missing out. It's one of the best wedding venues in Kelowna for views + amazing food!

But more than the food & the views, we loved connecting with Cody & Steph to make sure that everything that was most important to them on their day was captured, and that the experience they had with their photos was as natural & easy as possible.

One of the things we hands down recommend to all our couples is creating a family photo list and designating one of your family members / guests to be the "photo organizer"

Family photos can take FOREVER if your photographer has to track everyone down (especially when they don't know who anyone is!) so by doing this, you can cut your family photo time down from 45 mins to as little as 10-15.

We worked with Steph & Cody to create a photo timeline that got the important stuff, but left them with as much time as possible to spend with the people who came so far to share in their day. We had an amazing time working with them and can't wait to see where this brand new adventure takes them!

Congrats guys!

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