Romance at Durali Villa: A Breathtaking Okanagan Wedding Affair

Jenny & Stephen held an intimate creekside wedding in Vernon BC, borrowing the back yard of a friends plant nursery for their ceremony, heading to Ellison Park for Wedding Photography, and then finishing the celebration with a BRUNCH wedding reception at Paddlewheel Hall in Vernon BC.

This wedding was particularly special for Ryan as he actually grew up with both Stephen and Jenny. It's always a treat to take photos for people we know and love.

The day started off up near BX Falls where Jenny was getting ready with her girls. Having a beautiful spot to take detail photos in the morning makes such a big difference in capturing the details and story of the day, so it was a real treat to have this little spot in the forest. One top tip for planning your day: Try and pick morning locations that lend themselves to your photos where possible! It will make a big difference in the end result.

After morning photos of both bride & groom we headed to their creekside ceremony, which was a DIY setup in the backyard of one of their personal friends who owns a nursery in Vernon right by Ellison Elementary School.

Ceremony finished up, we drove out to Ellison Park for the wedding photoshoot. Before the day we'd already worked with Stephen & Jenny to create an ideal timeline so we had plenty of time to take photos without feeling rushed. This is something we make sure to do with all our clients, as it can be super easy to underestimate the amount of time you need, and the last thing we want is for your big day to have a time crunch.

The coolest part about this wedding was the wedding BRUNCH reception! Not only was this a unique and fresh experience for the guests, but it also allowed Stephen & Jenny to reserve Paddlewheel Hall at a discounted rate, and without needing to book as far in advance (Since most often, wedding venues book 1-2 years out!)

The added bonus of having everything early in the day was that in the summertime, the temperature was still nice and cool the entire time! No sweating or worrying about makeup running. Plus, families with younger kids didn't have to worry about a late night reception or driving home in the dark.

We loved capturing this day and are so happy for these two amazing human beings.

Congrats guys!

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