M&M's Dreamy wedding at linden gardens, Kaleden bc

Melissa & Mike tied the knot at Linden Gardens - One of our all time fav wedding venues in Kaleden, BC. This wedding venue just south of Penticton & about an hour north of Osoyoos is one of the most unique wedding venues in the entire Okanagan... and what's so funny is it's tucked away so well that most people have no idea it even exists.

One of the best parts of a wedding at Linden Gardens is that you get to spend the ENTIRE DAY in one spot with your family and friends. This means more quality time with the people you love.

Melissa & Mike's day was no exception. While we spent time making sure we captured the moments & got photos of everyone that was important to them, a big part of the role we play as photographers is knowing how to get what we need WITHOUT taking you out of the moment.

Every couple we work with has a unique story, and unique preferences & priorities for their day. Some want to spend 2 hours taking photos, others just want 10 minutes at sunset, so they can spend the rest of their time with the people who came so far to be with them. Either is awesome.

We loved spending time with these two and capturing their authentic story. Saying goodbye felt like saying goodbye to friends, which is always a great feeling.

Congrats you guys - We wish you the very best!

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