M&D'S Breathtaking Okanagan ESTATE Wedding

Matt & Des held a clifftop wedding in Kelowna BC at a private estate, combined with a wedding photoshoot in their neighbors nut farm! It was a day as unique and beautiful as their love story.

Every couple starts their wedding planning journey with the same question:

Where should we get married?!

The answer is highly individual, but one of our favorite wedding venue locations is a private home or estate. Either your families, a family friends, or even an airbnb are all options.

Matt & Des tied the knot on a private estate in Kelowna, which meant that everything about the day was unique and one of a kind - Never to be repeated! We loved their Gatzby style touches, and the vintage beetle they brought for their photoshoot!

From a photo perspective, the most meaningful and creative shots often come from incorporating things that are unique to YOU and your story into the day. It's no surprise that the vintage beetle photos are our favs from this magic wedding - Although it's a hard choice, because the entire day had so many great moments.

Congrats you guys! We wish you a world of happiness and couldn't be more thrilled for you!

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