Sunset glows at Crescent bay beach

Laguna, California

Marshal & Ngan tied the knot at the courthouse and then we met up at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna for some elopement / wedding photos. IMO, Crescent Bay Beach is one of the best spots in Orange County for Elopements & Engagement Photography because it's one of the few beaches that isn't crazy crowded, and has SO much variety with the seascapes & cliffs. Plus it's just plain a cool spot to go spend an afternoon. Highly recommend!

Some couples just have a CONNECTION that comes through on the camera right away. Others it takes a little time to get comfortable and open up with each other. Either way is totally fine, but with Marshal & Ngan they made my job especially easy!

One of the key ways we approach our photography is by avoiding awkward posing (Eventually it all looks dated anyways!) and instead getting couples to interact naturally with prompts, activities, or just plain hanging out. We took a stroll down the beach, had them whisper their fav vegetables in eachothers ears (in their sexiest voices of course) and other shinanigans that keeps things fun and super easy.

We were lucky to have an absolutely STUNNING sunset to finish off the day - One of the many reasons California is such a magic place.

Can't wait to photograph their upcoming reception in Costa Mesa - Thanks for the laughs guys, we'll meet again soon!

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