Romance in vietnam with this dreamy hoi an proposal!

If you're planning a proposal or engagement photos in Vietnam, there probably isn't a more romantic place to propose than in Hoi An. Walking the canal lined streets at night feels very much like a mixture of Venice & Japan. Hire a gondola and place a paper lantern in the river, then grab a bite to eat at one of the many incredible restaurants overlooking the water.

We met Nik & Merril by chance at a Vietnamese cooking lesson! Taking a cooking lesson in every country we visit has become a tradition, as we meet amazing people and get to know the local cuisine. We hit it off with these two amazing lovebirds and wound up spending the next few days exploring Hoi An together.

As it so happened, they'd been planning on getting engaged for a while, but neither of them had officially asked the question. Since we had our camera gear with us, Merril asked us if we'd be up to take a few photos of a surprise spontaneous Proposal in Hoi An!

Of course we said yes, and helped them capture the moment at an amazing flower filled building (The Yali Couture Tailor building, if you're looking for a beautiful and quiet proposal spot!)

We didn't have a ton of time to take more photos around Hoi An as they wanted to focus more on connecting and less on a big photoshoot, but we could EASILY have spent hours taking engagement photos in this incredible Vietnamese city.

So without further ado, here are the pics!!! Congrats guys - we're so happy for you :)

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