J&N's Summerhill Pyramid Winery Wedding In Kelowna Was Stunning!

One of the things we love about our job is getting to make new friends and experience different cultures. Jason & Natasha are two amazing humans who welcomed us into their day like we were family.

The day started off with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, and then we headed out for a first look style photoshoot before the main wedding ceremony at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. As it was the middle of July, the weather was HOT and SMOKEY, so we were all extremely grateful to get the majority of photos wrapped up before the heat of the day.

After the ceremony, we took the few quick family photos, and because we'd chatted ahead of time with Jason & Natasha to create a photo list + designate someone to help round up groups for us, the entire thing was wrapped up in about 15 minutes. From there, all they had to do was enjoy the day, savor the moments & let us capture the rest of the experience in the background as things unfolded.

One of the goals we have at every wedding is to get a photo of every guest there. We know each guest you've invited to join you is a part of your story in some way, and so we work just as hard at the reception to capture candids of your friends and family as we do capturing you two as a couple. Years from now, you probably won't look back and be blown away by the photos of your wedding cake - But the photos of the people you love are absolutely priceless.

J&N had such a special day, and we truly loved every single minute we got to spend helping them document it forever. Congrats you two - We love you and wish you the very best!

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