J&L's 50th Parallel Estate Winery Wedding In Lake Country

If you're looking for an example of two people who are hopelessly, madly in love - Justin & Lauren might be the #1 case study! We first met them for their engagement photos a year before their wedding, and they absolutely light each other up. By the time we said our goodbye's until the wedding day, we couldn't wait!

Having a wedding at 50th Parallel Estate Winery in Lake Country is a special treat. The views of Lake Country and surrounding Okanagan Valley are incredible, the vibe is serene, and you feel a little like you've been transported to an estate in the Italian countryside.

One of the unexpected bonuses of the day was the Airbnb where the wedding party got ready! Color, light & space play such a huge role in how your photos feel, and their location was amazing in all 3 categories. Huge windows? Check. Light blue walls to contrast skin tones? Check. Vibey space and decor? Check & check.

If morning photos are important to you, we'd highly recommend spending a little extra to get a photogenic space. And of course we're always open to giving feedback to our clients if they're unsure.

Morning photos complete, we headed to the vineyard for the first look & photoshoot. While first looks aren't for everybody, we are MASSIVE fans for a couple reasons people often don't think about....

1) First looks let you take your photos when everything is FRESH. Your makeup, your hair, your dress - All perfect and exactly the way you want them to be

2) First looks get your photoshoot photos finished in advance, so once the ceremony is finished, you can be 100% in the moment and spending time with your loved ones, not whisking away for 2 hours and barely getting to say hello!

3) First looks let you take photos when the light is MUCH better, and when the temperature is MUCH cooler. In the Okanagan or at a destination wedding somewhere hot, this is actually a pretty big deal!

4) First looks let you have TWO amazing moments instead of ONE! People often think the first look ruins seeing eachother walk down the aisle... But couples who do first looks always tell us how grateful they were to get all the photos finished, and have not just ONE meaningful moment in public, but also an incredibly special moment together in private before the big day kicks off.

I could gush for days about Justin & Lauren's 50th Parallel Estate Winery wedding because it was absolutely beautiful, and as a couple they are so special - But I'm sure by now you probably want to see the photos!

Guys, we wish you the very best in the world - Thank you for trusting us with capturing your special day!

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